What is TRIE ?

TRIE asbl – the Theater Research Institute of Europe – is a small, non-commercial nexus of research and performance. The executive director is Dr Dana Rufolo.

The institute has the objectives of publishing, performance, and developing theatre and dramatic criticism.

Firstly, TRIE owns and publishes the quarterly theatre magazine Plays International & Europe. You can read about the history of the magazine online through Wikipedia. To examine the current issue or editorials and cover pages from issues dating back to Spring 2016, which is when TRIE purchased the magazine from its founding editor, consult the website: www.playsinternational.org.uk

Plays International & Europe offers reviews of theatre performances around the globe, but especially in Europe. The London section is its most complete. Objectivity is maintained because every critic-correspondent is encouraged to express her or his own views; there is no house style. Conversely, Dana Rufolo as the editor-in-chief supports theatre of protest, playwrights’ theatre, and experimental drama, so each issue of the magazine additionally includes articles on non-mainstream theatre and theatre practitioners.

A second goal of TRIE is to promote the performance projects of its performance wing, TR(ie)Y Justice. Rufolo personally developed, under the banner of TR(ie)Y Justice, street theatre performances on human rights issues in connection with Amnesty International Luxembourg. Another example is her Hurt, Dignified, a full-length play produced for the 2007 European Capital of Culture, or her narrative poem performances.

Presently TR(ie)Y Justice is developing the JOYN PROJECT, based on a long, prize-winning narrative poem of Rufolo’s about a wedding titled Joyn: A Marriage Made in Megaheaven. The theme of this project is: Join in Joy. It is a celebration of love and community. The project foresees dancers in a choreography that supports the words of each poem in Joyn. It is based on a European collective of choreographers, dancers, an artistic director, the author, a costume designer as well as film and media people. The language of production is English. Performances are planned for 2022. Presently the project is seeking funding and welcomes inquiries from theatres or museums that are considering inviting the JOYN PROJECT to perform in their venues. 

 Thirdly TRIE pursues the long term goal of developing workshops and trainings in the area of theatre criticism to address the concept of the European Critic. The aim is to upgrade and enhance the quality of  European and international theatre criticism with special emphasis on cross-cultural themes to offer insight into theatrical production not immediately accessible to entertained audience members.

Activities in 2019 include a workshop for students at the Faculty of Language and Literature of the University of Luxembourg  and a presentation at a session in honour of University of California at Irvine Professor Emeritus Robert Cohen at the Cluj-Napoca Theatre Festival in Romania.

A two-day workshop for postgraduate students on theatre criticism will be held at the University of Edinburgh on 26 April – 2 May 2021.

       Dr Phil Dana Rufolo, Director of TRIE  

      Editor of Plays International & Europe