WINTER 2017  Vol 32 Nos 10-12

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AUTUMN 2016   Vol 31 Nos 7-9

SUMMER 2016  Vol 31 Nos 4-6

SPRING 2016  Vol 31 Nos 1-3


The most recent issue of PLAYS INTERNATIONAL and EUROPE was published in December 2017. It features  reports on theatre shows in London, in Europe, and from around the world. There is an exclusive interview with playwright Howard Brenton focusing on how he tackled August Strindberg's  work.  Mark Shenton comments on the best London musicals of 2017. The main London shows are commented upon by a top line-up of London critics. As always, PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE is both highly informative on latest theatre trends, and a pleasure to hold in one's hand and look at.

Latest news:

 TRIE asbl, the publisher of PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE has recently teamed up with the renowned bookshop specialized in theater and drama, SAMUEL FRENCH LTD to make subscription to the magazine easy and convenient: you may now subscribe online, worldwide, and have PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE delivered to your doorstep with no extra charges for shipping.  Nothing like holding a real magazine in your hands with beautiful design and acknowledged quality content, all in your own home ! Just click on the logos.  PIE Logo2

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Some facts about PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE: as successor to the theater magazine Plays International,  it continues the tradition of featuring internationally acclaimed theatre critics whose contributions are the core of the magazine. As before, subscribers include the finest institutions of higher learning, theaters worldwide, and national libraries. Dr. Dana Rufolo, director of TRIE, is now the editor-in-chief. One of Rufolo’s first acts as editor was to alter the title of the magazine to emphasize a European bias and a European perspective on world theater. 

As of 2016, PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE (PIE) is published quarterly with three months intervening between each issue.  PIE is published by TRIE as a not-for-profit cultural enterprise that serves the public by providing timely and literary theater criticism, reviews of productions around the world, essays on theater theory and practice, interviews with directors, actors, and theater managers, and singular in-depth coverage of theater companies, national theater productions and traditions, alternative theater troupes, and festivals.  PIE  carries features on peripheral theater activity such as articles on drama therapy in a performance context, conflict-resolving drama projects, and articles on overlooked aspects of stage life. As editorial policy, PIE is eager to expand its stockpiling function by publishing on what Robert Brustein once called the theatre of revolt, reporting on events where theater serves or attempts to serve as the representative of people in circumstances of repression.

PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE is expanding its worldwide coverage to include more about Israeli and Russian theater and to add reviews of Palestinian theater. Articles have been added on  the theater of East Asia and the Middle East, and are planned for India, Pakistan, and countries in South and Latin America and in Africa. Features focusing on theater in one of the (still) 28 EU and other European countries are regularly included.

PLAYS INTERNATIONAL & EUROPE is seeking young and trained theater critics from all parts of the world who are committed to the idea that theater is a unique human activity where personal, communal, societal, philosophical, emotional and human conundrums are performed and viewed in an aesthetic and three-dimensional way to the end of touching the feelings and quickening the thoughts of those who are fortunate enough to be onlookers. Drop us a line at .


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