The following are brief descriptions of the practical services which are for hire from TRIE:

Children’s theater courses

A series of ten workshops for children 8-12 years of age using voice projection games, movement games, narrative movement exercises using music, group improvisation, puppets and puppet play creation, puppet and play composition with adult direction, and a performance for parents and family members.
A children’s theater workshop is scheduled in Constance, Germany for late summer 2017. If you might be interested, place your child on an attendance list by emailing name, address, and phone number to

“Aesthetic Empathy Training” in individual or group sessions:

“Aesthetic Empathy training” is a methodology developed both theoretically and practically by Dr Dana Rufolo. It derives from drama therapy and is useful for students, adult groups, children or any other population of individuals who feel caught in a rut, stymied and frustrated.
Customers for these workshops include professors who wish to train their art therapist students in this methodology, institutes training peace and conflict resolution workers, and high-school or academic administrators dealing with suicide clusters in their student body. See the “About” page for a list of institutions where Aesthetic Empathy training has been taught.

“Aesthetic Empathy training” workshops are built around improvisational exercises permitting participants to exteriorize psychological issues and anxieties and to imagine themselves as someone else and someone else as themselves. When the workshop extends over several days, participants work with a drama script written specifically for them and their issues, or the work remains on the level of increasingly complex improvisations. If a play is provided, the script will incorporate the personalities of the participants, each of whom becomes a character in the play. The subsequent workshops are devoted to rehearsing and perhaps also performing this special “aesthetic empathy training” play as a group activity.

“Empathy Training”: a phenomenological actor training method:

The  Create a role/ Body and soul “Aesthetic Empathy training” for actors is a part of the above workshops. It culminates in performance. During the workshop, using group psychotherapy techniques, individual assumptions are taken apart and categorized; and then they are put together in a dynamic group process through the creation of a drama that we develop together.

Using an array of drama therapy techniques, you as a participant will be working on developing your capacity for transformation whereby you trade a life story for a life act. The concept of transformation means to move from one form into another form through a gliding transitional period.

You will see yourself in space (the performance space) and in relationship (the group of actor participants). You will discover the subjectivity implicit in point of view and acquire greater ease at transformation. “Aesthetic Empathy training” for actors is based on phenomenological principles.

Drama projects in classroom situations:

See the article by Dana Rufolo titled “Collective playwriting in a foreign language classroom” published in the spring of 2010 in  Volume 9 of The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching for a full description of the methodology employed.

See for information about the Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning.

Link to Rufolo’s article.