TRIE asbl legal

TRIE asbl is a not-for-profit association registered in Luxembourg in the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés under the registration number F5191 in 2006. It is domiciled at 174A, rue de Kirchberg, L 1858 Luxembourg.

Its purpose is to

  • Bring together persons of all nationalities who wish to cooperate in theatre practice in general and pursue research activities in this field. In particular, its aim is to increase public awareness of theatre and its mutiple activities to as to promote interest in and enjoyment of theatrical activities in all its forms (performance, workshops, actor training, lectures, criticism, publications, analysis, stage arts including design, sensitivity to stage arts both contemporary and historical, therapeutic drama, theatre with conflicting or disadvantage groups, experimental and alternative dramatic forms, play wirting).
  • Disseminate knowledge of theatre locally, on a European level and internationally, through various means including performances, conferences, and publications.
  • Collaborate on English-speaking theatrical activities, including in the production of plays and performances, research activities and experimental workshops, creation of ensembles to tour with plays and performances, and in particular to particippate in theatre festivals