What is ArtEcho?

ArtEcho is a trademark Alternative Experience for museum goers who are invited to go on an unconventional tour of the works of art on display at any given museum. ArtEcho reveals new dimensions to the museum’s works through the interface of writers’ reactions to them, put into a performance context. An invited director gathers the writers’ poems, skits, monologues or other pieces and then organizes them into a one-hour long tour presented by actors, and also possibly by singers and dancers.

ArtEcho is the brainchild of several members of the Creative Writing Club of Luxembourg in conversation with the director of the Casino Museum Luxembourg in 2004.
The ArtEcho Luxembourg One in the Casino Museum and the ArtEcho Luxembourg Two in the Clervaux “Family of Man” historical Edward Steichen-organized photography exhibit were directed by Deborah Anderson to great critical acclaim.
The distinctive posters and brochures of ArtEcho Luxembourg were designed by Deborah Causton.

All ArtEchos include the development of the Alternative Experience tour, a booklet that records the writers’ contributions, photographs and a DVD of the performance, and a distinctive poster.

Museums are urged to contact TRIE for further information, including information on ArtEcho Luxembourg .