The JOYN Project

JOYN premiered on December 3, 2022 at the Konstanz Stadttheater in Germany. It is a unique narrative poetry & dance performance that dramatizes the tale of a wedding taking place high on a mountain peak called Meglisalpolis.

In JOYN, family and friends “join in joy”, hence the title: JOYN, a neologism. A series of scenes take us across a border where Gargoyle Face inspects the wedding guests to make sure their passports are in order; then, the guests led by bride Dawn and groom Moon, clamber through fields of meadow flowers up the mountain to celebrate the marriage in a stone church, to party and feast in a wooden inn, and to partake in a gift-giving ceremony. The narrator, Blue-Sky Woman, looks on from a distance, seeing but never influencing the action.

In JOYN, the actors recite the narrative poem and dramatize the scenes while the dancers perform modern dance interpretations of the action. The performance piece is in English and is one hour long.

JOYN Premiere – Trailer of Film